7+ 11+ and Common Entrance

We all know and understand the pressures that come with preparing for entrance exams. The nature of the process, especially in London, can be stressful for both parents and children. With more children applying to top schools every year, it seems like the options are caving in on you.

Our tutors have a sound understanding of the system and know what it takes for a child to be successful in these exams. From regular exposure to the style of questioning your child will be facing to exam techniques to timing, we cover everything that is going to help your child achieve as highly as they possibly can. Past exam papers are key in this area as they put your child in a more comfortable position and ensure they are not faced with anything foreign on the day.

It is recommended preparation for 7+ examinations commences roughly 12 months in advance of exams, especially as some schools do not actively prepare children for exams at this level. While all independent schools work towards 11+ exams, it is recommended this process is compounded with weekly help from the beginning of Year 5. Common Entrance very often requires a pre-test in Year 6 or 7 so it is advisable that 2 years be given to allow proper preparation for this important exam.

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Matt helped our daughter prepare for the 11+ by working with her on maths.  She loved working with Matt and really looked forward to her weekly sessions with him.  It was an opportunity for her to ask questions and to practice and reinforce what she was learning in school.  She came away with the skills and confidence she needed to successfully tackle the 11+ and start secondary school on the right foot.  We couldn’t have been happier with the results!  
— SL