Confidence and Catch up

For many, the situation of being left behind while the rest of the class moves on, is a familiar one. All it takes is a few missed lessons, some impatient teaching or a lack of adequate support and a child can easily loose confidence and fall back in class. For a child, one bump in the road can have a big knock on effect. Missing a topic like fractions at a young age can create significant problems as these concepts multiply into other, more challenging areas.

We firmly believe all children have the capacity for, and the right to a sound understanding of Maths and English. Some children just do it differently and if alternative methods are not explored, basic tasks can feel impossible. Our tutors will help your child overcome their learning anxieties by giving them the attention and explanations they need and deserve. Our goal is for your child to take a happy and active role in class, because they can.

Superior Learning recommended Harry Ward to help my daughter with 11+ English. Harry helped her unravel the often arcane comprehensions and at the same time encouraged her to enjoy creative writing and not be scared of it. The turnaround for her prior to exams was remarkable – in confidence, understanding and ultimately in her successful results. Harry’s sensitive and perceptive coaching was perfect for my daughter’s needs.
— CJ