Frequently Asked Questions

Once we have decided to go ahead with Superior Learning, what happens next?

Once we have learned more about what your child needs, our team will then get to work on finding the best tutor match for your child.


Within 24/48 hours of your enquiry, we will send you a few hand-picked profiles of tutors we believe are best-suited to your son/daughter. Once you are happy to have a lesson with one of the tutors we put forward (and have consented to being contacted by them!) we will then pass them your contact details to schedule a time for the first lesson.

Are there any additional fees?

Upon joining, there will be a one-off administration fee of £35, which covers the process of matching your child with one of our tutors, as well as all resources moving forward.

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not offer free trials; however we can offer a shorter, discounted lesson so you can see if Superior Learning is for you. (For example: a 30-minute taster session rather than the usual 60 minutes.)

How often does tuition occur?

We offer tuition on a weekly basis as we strongly believe that this offers continuity, which is key to knowledge retention and progress. We break up the year into 6 half-term periods though, so there are breaks during half-term and school holidays if desired!

How does payment work?

Superior Learning invoices clients in advance for each half-term block (6 weeks), with each invoice being sent to clients the week before the start of each half of term. Clients do not need to worry about paying tutors directly each week, as tutors are paid separately by Superior Learning.

Any tuition outside of these half-term blocks are invoiced separately. Please also bear in mind that late payment of an invoice will incur a uniform late fee.

What happens if we can’t attend a session?

In this case, please make sure to notify your tutor as soon as possible. Superior Learning asks that you reschedule to a different day in the week or during one of the many half term breaks – absolute worst case scenario, we can carry the session over to your next invoice but ask that every effort is made to complete all sessions before the next block.

Please be aware sessions are chargeable if the tutor is notified at very short notice (within 24 hours).

Who do we contact to discuss academic progress?

Please direct any queries on progress and topics covered to your child’s tutor. Given their frequent interactions with your child, they are best placed to liaise with you regarding academic progress and topics covered.

We are currently exploring school options for our child. Is this something you can help with?

Absolutely, we are happy to guide you through this process. The volume of information on school options can be quite overwhelming, so please contact us in the office to discuss this and we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of anything and everything you’re unsure of.

Our tutor has notified us that they will soon be unable to continue tuition. What happens in this case?

In the event that your tutor is unable to continue tuition, we will already have been notified by the tutor. Whilst this is never ideal, rest assured that one of the benefits of joining Superior Learning is that we can find you the perfect replacement within our team very quickly. This will negate any potential stress and lost time associated with looking for a replacement! Once we have proposed another tutor, the previous tutor will organise a ‘handover’ with them to ensure a seamless transition. Our feedback has always been overwhelmingly positive regarding replacing tutors!

Do you offer online tuition? If so, what will we need?

Yes: all of our tutors are fully-trained in delivering online lessons.
In order to receive online tuition, you would need the following:


  • a writing tablet and/or stylus pen
  • a laptop/computer in an area with good internet connection
  • Registration to the suitable software


If you have any further questions on this, feel free to contact us at the office.

Are all tutors DBS checked?

Yes, all the tutors on our team must hold a valid DBS check to give tuition.

We’re very happy with the tuition received from Superior Learning! How do I refer?

Superior Learning has grown exclusively through word of mouth, and any new referrals are warmly welcomed! Please call or email us at the office to let us know you have someone interested in our services. For every person you refer who joins Superior Learning, you receive a free session!


The cost of the session is taken off your next invoice. Also, there is no limit, so feel free to send any friends and family our way who may be interested! (i.e. 5 referrals = 5 free sessions!)


A successful referral constitutes someone who has signed up to a minimum of a half-term.