How we do it …

We are very pleased to welcome you to Superior Learning and excited to be working closely with your children to build their confidence and achieve their goals. Superior Learning acts as an agent on behalf of the tutor to make your tuition as seamless as possible.

Before we begin, there are a few areas to which we feel we need to provide clarity to make this an efficiently run process for all involved. Our experiences have shown that establishing a few guidelines makes everything run smoother and enables your child to get the most out of their learning sessions.


Superior Learning is a tuition agency, a centralised meeting place where parents and tutors can connect. Over the years, we have compiled a team of talented and experienced tutors to give you the best selection of teachers in a wide range of subjects, at all levels. Whether it be for 11+, GCSE, A Level, languages, 7+ or just a boost in confidence, we will have the answer. Once we have introduced your tutor, we will be on standby to assist with any school-related consultancy and help tutors with resources, but ultimately all lessons and programs are governed by your tutor.


Recent legislation has necessitated a change, nationwide, to the way payment for tuition is processed. Whereas previously we would take payment in advance for a block of lessons, each lesson is now paid for upon completion. Superior Learning uses TutorCruncher, a payment and lesson-logging platform that organises your weekly lessons and facilitates simple and fast payment. Upon paying your first invoice, your card details will be saved and payment will be taken automatically 48 hours after each subsequent lesson is logged as complete.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions can be found at the bottom right of this page. Please read these so you can familiarise yourself with how we operate and what your responsibilities are as a client.

Cancellation Policy

Superior Learning has a same-day cancellation policy, such that any lessons rescheduled or cancelled on the day they were due to go ahead are chargeable. We encourage tutors to try and reschedule these lessons to a time later in the week, however this is not always possible and the lesson will still be charged for.

Why a same-day cancellation period?

Our team sets aside time in the week for your child. They rely on the income from tuition and may have declined other work in order to keep your weekly slot, not to mention the planning that goes into each lesson. For these reasons, we ask that you give fair notice and notify the tutor before the day of the lesson if you need to cancel or reschedule, otherwise your lesson for that week will be chargeable.